Do Your Legs Cramps at Night? – Reasons, Symptoms and Treatments

Legs Cramps

Legs CrampsThe human body consists a group of hundreds of muscle and these muscles are joined up with each other so that the required powered should be generated in order to perform day to day tasks. Sometimes these muscles are broken for myriad of reasons and can cause pain in your body. A muscle cramp is a strong and painful contraction of muscles that can last for few seconds or minutes or even for hours depending on how severe the contraction of muscles is. Cramps can affect any part of your body as your whole body is a set of different kind of muscles that have been spread throughout your body. Today we are specifically going to talk about the cramps in the leg during the night time. Sometimes you may have fallen asleep and then suddenly you got up with an acute or harsh pain in your legs that might have perturbed you and left you restless. Well this could be the result of cramps in your legs. The cramps should be to blame for the stringent feeling of pain in your legs. Nighttime leg cramps are usually a sudden strain of the muscles or spasm of muscle that usually affect your calf which is a lower back fleshy part of your legs below the knee but it can affect your thighs and feet as well. It can affect your legs anytime but usually they are being seen when you go to bed or trying to wake up. There could be myriad of reasons of nighttime leg cramps and some of them are enumerated below.

Reasons of nighttime leg cramps

Sitting for Long:

Sitting for LongSometimes you are forced to sit at hard place for longer period of time and then you start feeling numbness in your feet. Sitting longer period of time at one place could be one of the major reason of nighttime leg cramps as the blood flow of your body in your legs gets narrowed and your body can’t supply enough blood for your legs that results in numbness and when you go to sleep then those affected muscles strained and spasm and brings in intolerable pain in the legs.


Dehydration could also be the reason of nighttime leg cramps. Due to excessive loss of fluid in your body, your legs don’t be able to absorb required amount of fluids and if your muscles are dehydrated then it may result in contraction of muscles. Your muscles need water to nourish itself and it needs water in order to work properly but if there is a lack of water then you will have to suffer.


Daily-Routines for excersiceIf you exercise vigorously then you are at peak to get nighttime leg cramps. Excessive weight should not be lifted as it can break your muscles. You may have noticed that when you lift excessive weight then your muscles starts hurting and you can feel it from outside as well. It is like trauma to the muscles and vigorous exercise could be the reason for the nighttime leg cramps in your feet.


PregnancyPregnancy could be the other reason because at this stage of your life your body goes through significant physical changes and it is normal to have nighttime leg cramps. But it should not be ignored as it is worth enough to consult with your physician. Most of the cases are being seen of abdomen cramps but a pregnant woman feels nighttime leg cramps most often.

Muscle Fatigue:

Muscle FatigueSometimes you have to work assiduously in order to earn food and other essentials. Sometimes this assiduous work could be to blame for nighttime leg cramps.

Other reason that causes nighttime leg cramps are Alcoholism or alcohol abuse, Diarrhea, Electrolyte imbalance, Oral contraceptives and Type 2 diabetes.

It is very common in old aged people and as you grow older the frequency of nighttime leg cramps usually gets higher. It is not necessary that only old aged or middle aged get this cramp but those who are adolescence stage of life can also be affect with nighttime leg cramps. There could be several c and some of those symptoms are given below.

Reasons of nighttime leg cramps

Sudden Acute Pain:

If you are sleeping and suddenly you have acute and stringent pain in your legs then this could be the result of nighttime leg cramps. Pain area could be in your calf, thighs or even feet.

Hard Lump:

Hard LumpHard lump of muscle tissue beneath your skin. This could be other symptoms of nighttime leg cramps. You may feel hard lumps of various muscle tissues beneath your skin.

Above is couple of symptoms that you may face during the outbreak of nighttime leg cramps and even this condition may perturb you chronically if you are old aged person. When it comes to its treatment there are many remedies that can be used in order to ease your condition and these natural remedies can be used to extirpate your existing symptoms.

Remedies used to extirpate your existing symptoms


drink waterKeep yourself hydrated in order to be protected and even prevent this condition. Dehydration is believed to have impact on your muscles and if you wait for your body to give indication of thirstiness then it will be your own peril and you may have to regret. So don’t wait for your body’s indications and drink water throughout the day so that your body could be hydrated and you don’t have to face this situation.

Stretch Your Muscles:

Stretch Your MusclesForcefully stretching of muscles is believed to have major impact on nighttime leg cramps. If you experience cramps in your legs then you should forcefully stretch your legs so that your cramps relieved. You may also massage your legs, or walking your vicinity or jiggling may also help you get rid of your pain.


Painkillers could do the work for you but it will not relieve you instantly as the painkiller takes time to show its effectiveness but if you have severe leg pain then painkillers may also help you for sure.


Magnesium foodAccording to Sarah Thomson, a doula and acupuncturist at Sacred Vessel Acupuncture- “My first recommendation for patients coming in with leg cramps is magnesium.” Magnesium has been suggested to treat any kind of muscle cramps, therefore you can take foods with ample amount of magnesium or you can take magnesium supplement as well. Nuts and seeds are excellent source of magnesium and you can preferably take these foods in order to get good amount of magnesium.

Have Regular Massage:

You can have regular massage as it will help you prevent night time muscle cramps in your legs. If you are a regular patient of cramps then regular massage of your legs or any part of your body will ease your condition and it will also prevent these cramps occurrences.

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