Do Not Make Yourself Smoking and Drinking Addict

In today’s life it is very hard to manage your family life as well as official life just because of work pressure and some risks-from-smokingfamily pressure like extra responsibilities, complications caused by life and many of these like complications. In this pressure people generally broke down easily and they think of getting rid of these complications instead confronting these complications. These complications can cause the many threat to your body as well as it may affect you psychologically. People who want to get rid of these complications of life usually get the resort of some alcoholic products that can help them to forget all these complications and for those people nothing can be better than taking alcohol contained product.

An alcohol drink is a type of drink that contains a significant amount of ethanol that is famously known as alcohol. Intake of alcohol may reduce your anxiety, reduce sociability and increases enthusiasms that can be very effective for a shorter period of time until the drug don’t goes-off the body. After the end of hangover your life starts treating at the same way that it was before the intake of alcohol. Many people start smoking just for the sake of fashion because they think that smoking is side-effects-of-drinking-alcoholfashionable. They usually observe these bad habits from social and they think that if those people can smoke then why they don’t, reason of it they also start smoking without considering the risk factor of smoking. Some people start smoking because they are the victims of anxiety, depression, negative state of mind and many other psychological issue that stimulate them to drink or smoke. In reality getting drunk or smoking cannot be justified in any way.

Although there are some studies on alcohol that suggest that mild consumption of alcohol can be effective for your health but benefits of alcohol cannot out weight the risk factor of alcohol. Alcohol contains so many harmful components in it that can be very harmful for you if taken in excessive amount. Consumption of alcohol has the first effect on your mind. When you get drunk your brain starts dysfunction and it can’t control your body as it could when you were not drunk. It quickly travels throughout your cigarette-consequencesbody including your brain, central nervous system and through your bloodstream to other parts of your body. It also causes in change of your behavior that it makes harder for you to speak and slurred voice. Today one of the major concerns throughout the world about road safety is drunk and drives. Thousands of people across the world die just because of road accidents and the main reason of these accidents is alcohol. Therefore alcohol consumption can be life threatening not only just for you but for others as well whether they are your family members or drivers on the road or pedestrians. Therefore it is better for you to quit smoking and drinking for social welfare and even for your safety as well.

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