Benefits of Ashokarishta for PCOS

pcos treatment

Polycystic ovarian diseasesPCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome due to which women have to face imbalanced hormones. It may cause irregular periods, weight gain and creates problem to get pregnant as well as may cause excess hair growth on the body. Don’t worry, I have an ultimate solution for this condition i.e. Ashokarishta. Ashokarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine that has been used to cure almost all the women reproductive system related problems for hundreds of years. It is the only medicine that can solve all your problems related to menstruation periods and ovaries. Before talking about the benefits of Ashokarishta, I want to discuss some important points about PCOS.

Causes and Symptoms of PCOS

Symptoms of PCOSThe specific cause of PCOS is not fully understood yet, but experts say genetics may be a factor. So, your chance of having it is increased if other women in your family have it or have irregular periods. It can be passed to the child either from your mother’s or father’s side. Generally, the ovaries produce a very small amount of androgens, but in case of PCOS, they start increasing that amount. This may create problems in ovulation; grow excess facial hairs, delayed menstruation periods, etc.

If I talk about the treatment option for PCOS, then there is no specific medicine in allopathy is available. Small changes in your daily lifestyle and food habits along with Ashokarishta can solve this problem easily. Ashokarishta is one of the most effective Ayurvedic medicines for PCOS. It has so many powerful properties like anti – inflammatory, muscle relaxant, antioxidant, anticancer, digestive stimulant, carminative, mild estrogenic, and so on. All of these properties of Ashokarishta make it very useful for treating all the gynecologic problems of women.

Benefits of Ashokarishta for PCOS

AshokarishtaIf you have PCOS, then Ashokarishta is very useful for you. It helps in treating all the problems caused due to PCOS. This medicine helps in regulating the proper cycle of hormones in the body. It balances a proper amount of hormones in the body, so that all the functions will trigger on their time. Ashokarishta is also very useful in case of heavy or light bleeding during menstruation periods. Due to PCOS, you can get excess body weight and have to face difficulties in reducing it. This is also because of hormone imbalance in the body. Consumption of Ashokarishta can help you in reducing your body weight easily.

Just 4kg weight loss along with Ashokarishta can help you in getting a proper menstruation cycle and solve your all other hormones related problems. A healthy food diet with some exercise is also very useful for you. It will help you in maintaining a proper body weight.

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How to Use Ashokarishta for PCOS?

dosage in ml.You can take 10 ml to 20 ml of Ashokaristha two times in a day. Stop the medicine during the menstruation periods. This is not only beneficial for PCOS but also has so many other health benefits for the body. It helps in getting out the toxins present in the blood as well as improves the digestive health of the body.

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