Amycordial can regulate your menstrual cycle, treat hormonal imbalance and help in many other problems

Irregular menstrual, hormonal imbalance, breast cancer, pregnancy issues and several other health problems are very common in women these days. Most of the women have suffered from these health issues at some point in their life. Allopathic medicines cannot cure these health issues from the root. They can only relieve the symptoms for some time. If you want a permanent …

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Shirashuladivajra Ras can calm your mind and take away a headache

No one has time for headaches! Headaches are one of the common health conditions from which many people are suffering. This is the condition which can occur due to hectic schedule or stress. According to studies, headaches can be classified into three categories; tension, migraine and cluster headaches. There are many causes of a headache and some of them; some …

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Sweet potato- the only super food for acne that actually gives you acne free skin

Are You Frustrated with Acne? Do you know that sweet potato has been eaten since the early 16th century?  In ancient times, sweet potatoes were used only for cooking purposes but nowadays it is used for many medicinal purposes. Could you imagine sweet potatoes for acne treatment? Surprising news. Right? New studies have found that sweet potatoes are powerful in …

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Coconut oil-the amazing oil for herpes patient

Diet To Decrease Outbreaks Of Herpes If you are suffering from herpes, you need to do some changes into your diet to prevent and manage the unpleasant outbreaks of herpes. Nowadays coconut oil is becoming the subject of interest for everyone. We are looking forward to manage the outbreaks and contagiousness of herpes simplex virus with coconut oil. Coconut oil …

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